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Multiple Best Selling Author, Speaker, Time Management Expert, Media Commentator.

You know it’s time to start investing your time differently, but where to start?
If you are sick of the constant juggle, the ever-present undercurrent of stress, the interruptions, the volume of emails, the never ending meetings, or if you simply don’t have enough time, you have come to the right place.

Imagine if you could gain control of your time. Imagine if you could find and harness 30 hours of lost time a month. I’m here to help you invest your time to find your lost time.
Why not start with these free resources?

Time Stylers Timesheet

Do you know where you currently spend your time? If not, you won’t know what changes you can make to free up hours of lost time. It’s time to Map your time – from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed, map every email, phone call, meeting, interruption etc. You will soon discover where you are losing time. Click here to download your free Time Stylers Time sheet.

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Re-Think Being Busy

Being ‘busy’ is not a badge of honour – it’s a sign that you are not investing your time well. Read Kate’s blog on how to start looking at being ‘busy’ in a whole new light.

Your Time Is Money

What is your time really worth? Think about your time the way you think about your money – for example – if your time is worth $50 an hour and you spend an hour a day on Social Media, that’s $18,250 worth of your time a year! To work out what your time is worth, divide your gross salary by the number of hours you work each year.

Download My To-Do-List

Kate from Time Stylers explains why it’s never too late to learn good time management. This 60-second video tip will guide you to make a smooth transition from working a traditional job to running your very own small business.

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Time Stylers’ SMART Delegation Template

Think about what you can Delegate to your team and then set your team up for success by delegating the SMART way – download the Time Stylers’ SMART Delegation 5 step template to streamline delegating and get the best results the first time.

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Outsource These 50 jobs From Your Home

Time Management isn’t just about investing your time well at work, it’s also about SMART Time investment at home. It’s time to Outsource! Outsourcing is a great way to manage the chores that you don’t love, aren’t good at, don’t have the time to do well or which it’s more cost effective to pay an expert to do for you. Start herewith 50 Jobs you can Outsource at Home today. Pick just one and get started.

Download My Home Outsourcing Template

Ready to lock in what you are going to Outsource at home to an expert? Download the Time Stylers Outsourcing Template and get started today.

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Make Cleaning Easier

It’s easy to create processes at home to help you save time. Download the Time Stylers Cleaning Checklist to give to your cleaner each week, or use it to divide up chores between your family.

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Stop Fridge Gazing

Stop wasting your time fridge gazing. You need a meal plan! Download the Time Stylers Meal Plan template, get the family involved and fridge gazing will become a thing of the past.

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Streamline Supermarket Shopping

Systemise the shop – download the Time Stylers Shopping Checklist before you hit the shops…or better still, before you shop online.

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Workbook – SMART Time Management

As you read SMART Time Management, you’ll notice a number of exercises you can complete to help you better understand your approach to time management and how you can implement my tools to increase your productivity. You can either complete these in the book, or if you’d prefer to keep your notes separate you can download the SMART Time Workbook here.

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Workbook – ME Time

Me Time contains a number of exercises for you to complete to help find your 30 hours of lost time a month. You can complete these exercises in your copy of the book or (if you don’t like taking a pen to a book – lot’s of people don’t!) just download your free copy of the Me Time Workbook here.

Download Resource Now

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