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Kate Christie is the best selling, award winning author of 5 books.

Life By Design

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The Life List

After losing her former life partner to cancer and seeing her kids move on as young adults, Kate was faced with the fact that life is too short. And it was time to do something about it. So Kate created the concept of a ‘life list’ – a list of everything she wants to do while she is still young enough to enjoy it.

The Life List is a call to action for so-called ‘mid-lifers’ – women like Kate who want MORE! After years of putting everyone else first – It’s OUR turn.

Kate xx

Design & Deliver A Dream Life
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Do you feel like you never have enough time for the basics, let alone time to plan and then live your best life? In Kate’s books you will learn exactly how to find all the time, freedom and even permission you need to live your best life.