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Because life is too short.
You only live once.
And later might be too late.

From best selling and award winning writer Kate Christie – for every woman looking to design and live an audacious life – It’s Our Turn.

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Because life is too short and later might be too late.

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The first 150 copies of “The Life List: Master Every Moment and Live an Audacious Life” that roll off the press will be signed by me and numbered with an exclusive number from #1—#150.

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Instead, if you pre-order FOUR or more copies of The Life List from Booktopia or Amazon in one transaction, I’ll send you one of the 150 limited edition signed and numbered copies as a thank you.

Why FOUR copies? So you can give The Life List to four friends who want and need to be designing and living their best lives too. You won’t be just giving them a book, but an action plan for a fabulous, achievable life.

The EXCEPTION is ‘Book #1’. It will be auctioned, with the full amount donated to the charity I love: Share The Dignity.

How it works? Simple purchase the book online at Booktopia or Amazon, email me the receipt at [email protected] and stand-by for your signed copy!

Kate Christie

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…And Why I Wrote The Life List

Here’s what happened in the space of five years. My husband left our 22-year marriage. Then he left the world, passing away from cancer. I became a full-time single mum picking up the pieces for three broken, grieving kids. My mum also died. I was terrified about being on my own. And of my business falling apart. The whole shit show was every bit as bad as you could possibly imagine.

At the end of it, I had zero fucks to give. About most things except the brutal fact that life is too short.

Too short for a lot of things, but mostly too short to the point we need to live it every single day. We need to think deeply about what is most important to us. We need to prioritize those things. We need to purposefully plan to invest our time for the greatest possible joy. We need to invest our time in the people we love most—and in creating memories, being of service to others, generating happiness and fulfillment and wonder.

And we need to start doing this right now. Today. Because if we don’t, we risk being too late. And that’s something we will regret forever.

At its heart, that’s what this book is about.

It’s about sharing my story so you know you aren’t alone. There are many women just like you, reflecting on what’s next—and wanting to make it count but not sure where to start.

It’s about inspiring you to seize control of your future, right now.

It’s about giving you proven frameworks to help shortcut your journey from today to your magnificent future.

It’s YOUR turn.

Kate xx

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Kate Christie


So, Who Should Read The Life List?

Honestly? Everyone.

Some of you don’t have kids and boy oh boy have you been judged for that. People often assume that you and the life you’ve lived to date are somehow less than. Really?

Some of you have kids and they’re still little or dependent on you. The fact you even have time to read this is impressive.

Some of you have older kids who are breaking up with you right about now. Your jokes are lame, you don’t adapt quickly enough to whatever is most politically correct today, and you spend most weekends hoping pre dinner drinks will be at someone else’s house for once. The coolest things about you are your credit cards and washing machine.

Some of you are empty nesters or are considering sneaking off into the night and assuming a new identity, which would make your kids empty nesters.

Some of you are single and would love to find new love.

Some of you are single and love your singledom.

Some of you are married or in a partnership and truly happily so.

Some of you are married or in a partnership and are unhappy, unfulfilled, lonely. You’re wondering if this is how (and with whom) you want to live for another 30 years.

Some of you are separated or divorced or thinking about it.

Some of you have lost your partner.

Some of you have parents who rely on you to help them make decisions they once made for you.

Some of you are struggling to find like-minded women.

All of you are givers. Every one of you is a nurturer. You’ve spent so much of your life putting others first. And you have the headspace now to realize you want to do and be different.

This is not a crisis. It’s a catalyst.

The big thing to keep in mind? You will never be this young again, ever.

Many of you are wondering what happens next. Thinking it’s time to do things a little differently. Stop playing it so safe. Stop giving so much. Start doing the things you want while you’re still young enough to have the best time. Start being a little more selfish.

Bottom line: you want more. You want to invest in your future today. You’re looking to live an audacious life. It’s your turn.

Want to buy copies of The Life List in bulk?

Who doesn’t want to design their perfect life? For the perfect gift for business customers, your team or audience members at your next event, please contact me at [email protected] to order The Life List at special bulk discount prices.

There are a few ways I can package up bulk orders for you including: personally signing every copy, creating a unique print run with your company logo on the cover and your company message as the foreword to the book, an additional chapter or case study or a photos section.

It’s a unique and thoughtful gift for customers and a great way to say your business cares about them.


…And How I Realised I Could Help You

I ditched life as a corporate lawyer to become Australia’s top time management expert, a global speaker, coach and best-selling author. I’m a single mum to three young adult kids who fill my heart with equal intense measures of joy and stress.

In 2020 my ex-husband, my kids’ dad Dan, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He died in April 2021. Losing Dan was a catalyst for me to live my best life. To fast forward the huge, audacious living I had planned to get to in some vague future stage to Right Now. In September 2021 I shared with CEOWorld magazine the first iteration of my ‘Life List’, a list of things I was going to do, as soon as possible, while I am still young enough to enjoy them. Because I’d found out the hard way life is too short not to live your best one.

My first Life List prompted a huge global response from people wanting to live their best life right now, and it helped form the inspiration for this book.

I have a reputation for helping clients (including L’Oreal, the European Union and Westpac) find 30+ hours of lost time a month. After dedicating the last 10 years of my business life to productivity and time management, I want to help you take the next step in your relationship with time.

My challenge to you: now that you have your time back and under control, what exactly are you going to do with it?

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Because life is too short.
You only live once.
And later might be too late.

From best selling and award winning writer Kate Christie – for every woman looking to design and live an audacious life – It’s Our Turn.