50 Jobs you can Outsource at Home Today

Want to find some lost time? It’s time to Outsource at home – delegate what you don’t have time to do; what you don’t enjoy doing; or what another person (an expert) can undertake more efficiently and more economically that you.

Start from this premise: My Time is Money. Work out your hourly rate and then apply that rate to the jobs you perform at home. For example, if your time is worth $100 an hour and you spend 4 hours cleaning your home this weekend, that clean was worth $400 of your time. You could have paid a cleaner $25 an hour, and because the cleaner is an expert he would have completed the job in 3 hours, costing you $75 (instead of $400) and buying you back 4 hours of time to spend on something else. Simple.

Here are 50 Jobs you can Outsource at Home today:

1. general cleaning

2. carpet cleaning

3. window cleaning

4. cleaning out the gutters

5. housekeeping (cleaning plus tidying)

6. meal planning

7. meal preparation

8. food shopping, unpacking and putting away

9. shopping for and wrapping gifts

10. clothes washing, folding and putting away

11. ironing

12. de-cluttering your cupboards

13. de-cluttering your garage

14. arranging your hard-rubbish collection

15. sorting your un-used toys and clothes and dropping them off to a charity

16. a big spring-clean

17. mowing the lawn

18. weeding the garden

19. pruning plants, planting and maintaining your garden

20. removing garden waste and taking it to landfill

21. babysitting

22. nannying

23. Mothers Helper (a combination of nanny and someone happy to do some light cleaning and other household chores)

24. before and after school care

25. dog walking

26. pet grooming/ washing

27. pet sitting

28. taking your pet to their annual check-up at the vet

29. house sitting

30. caring/ companion for an elderly dependent

31. home manager/ personal assistant

32. someone to wait at home for the plumber/ electrician/ delivery man

33.someone to assemble your new Ikea furniture

34. someone to program your TV

35. someone to fix your home IT issues

36. basic home maintenance

37. packing up and managing your home move

38. tutoring

39. someone to run your errands/ collect your dry cleaning

40. someone to pay the bills

41. someone to open your mail when you are out of town

42. someone to put out and bring in the bins when you are away

43. an expert to style your living areas

44. someone to sort through your 1000 photos and put them in on-line albums

45. an expert to book your next holiday

46. someone to clean up your inbox and sort out your folders

47. someone to systemise your home office

48. someone to source and order the basics online: kids undies; socks; school supplies

49. an expert to clean and maintain your pool

50. an expert to clean and maintain your car

Oh I love to Outsource! The list is practically endless! What do you Outsource at home?

Time Stylers founder Kate Christie is a time management expert, international speaker and best selling author. Her next book, SMART Time Management for Doctors will be published in early 2017. Connect with Kate to have her speak at your next event or to help you and your team improve your productivity.

email: [email protected]

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