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Kate Christie Is The Unrivaled Champion Of Finding Time For Success

Grief and loss taught Kate—a top lawyer turned time management expert for global businesses—life is too short. You need to set then chase outrageous goals. Now. 

Motivated by her personal story, Kate offers innovative, customized strategies so clients find and harness 30+ hours of lost time a month … then use it to design and live their perfect life and hit business and career goals they thought were impossible.

Time Management Expert

About Me

My 2023 Speaker Topics

Every presentation is tailored to your audience and I’ll discuss with you how I do this. If you have a specific theme or topic you’d like covered, I’m very happy to work with you to develop concepts that will best resonate with your audience.

The Life List: Master Every
Moment and Live an Audacious Life

 Based on my current and fifth book “The Life List: Master Every Moment and Live an Audacious Life”, this presentation is designed to motivate and show audiences exactly how to design and then implement their own Life List—a list of everything they want to do while they’re still young enough to enjoy it. A passionate, life changing keynote with a deep and powerful message about why you cannot leave living until later, because later might be too late.

Keynote format (45 minutes): Motivational; Personal development

Masterclass (60 minutes) and Workshop (2.5 hour) formats: Motivational: Personal development; Instructional

Power Up Your Productivity

One of my most popular presentations, Power Up Your Productivity is an engaging look at how we currently manage our time versus exactly how we need to invest our time. Audience members are left understanding the 3 key productivity mistakes they are making along with dozens of practical, easy to implement strategies to help them get back 30+ hours of lost time a month. Your audience will arrive time poor and leave with plenty of time in the bank.

Keynote (45 minutes) format: Motivational; Professional development

Masterclass (60 minutes) and Workshop (2.5 hour) formats: Motivational: Professional development; interactive and instructional

Team Productivity Protocols

Are your team members struggling to maintain and maximise individual productivity in a team environment? Is your team not gelling when it comes to working as the high-performance team you know it can be? Are workplace interruptions, back-to-back meetings, email management and the integration of hybrid working arrangements challenging you all? Are project deadlines being met? Are your customers getting the best from your team? Are you at risk of losing some of your terrific talent because the juggle is becoming too hard to manage?

This presentation is targeted at teams wanting to work together with synergy and at pace to remove organisational drag and maximise individual and team productivity. I’ll walk your team through the best tailored productivity strategies and will facilitate agreement on your new Team Protocols. Your team will be left with the tools and confidence on how to better invest its time and to respect the time of everyone else, plus a written suite of Team Protocols ready for implementation.

Workshop (2.5 hours) and Masterclass (60 minute) format

Future Proof Your Organisation—How to Maximise Productivity in a Hybrid Workforce

Future proof your workforce with the #1 key soft skill they will need as a worker in a hybrid working environment—smart time management. Now is the time to create a new business model that maximises your team’s creativity and output in a new world of work. Equip your workforce with the skills, resilience, mindset and communication skills to work remotely or in a hybrid work environment, recognise the common productivity mistakes leaders are making right now (and how to avoid them) and proven strategies to position your organisation and team for the workforce of the future.

Workshop (2.5 hour) and Masterclass (60 minute) format

Me First—the Guilt Free Guide to Prioritising You

Based on my 4th book: ‘Me First’ , this presentation is targeted at every professional woman who is juggling her magnificent career or business life with motherhood. For every woman who has wrestled with Imposter Syndrome, Mothers Guilt, never saying no, never having enough time; forever being busy and forever doing everything for everyone but herself. For every woman who needs a reminder that if she is truly to be the best possible version of herself, then it’s OK to put herself first, at least some of the time.

Keynote (45 minute) format: Motivational; Professional development

Masterclass (60 minute) and Workshop (2.5 hour) format

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A leading TV, radio and print media commentator, Kate Christie is the time management expert for Kochie’s Business Builders.