So, this is what a neck gaiter looks like (and how to smash your goals)

Can you believe that we are almost at the end of the year? I feel like it really should just be June…

As you read this I have commenced my hike of The Overland Track in Tasmania. It is my third big hike for the year and I am really upping the ante on this one:

  • 6 days
  • no communication
  • carrying a full pack of approx 15-18 kilograms including my gear, food, cooking utensils, tent and sleeping bag
  • Oh, and apparently the forecast is for snow…I am of course very nervous about the weather and so yesterday splashed out on a merino wool neck gaiter, which can apparently be worn in a number of styles. For mine, I prefer my Nonna look, or maybe the gangster look…(see photos!)


I set myself some truly audacious goals for 2022 and for each goal I tick off, my sense of self worth and confidence and happiness have absolutely soared. It is just so good for your soul to set and smash incredible challenges.

With the year closing rapidly, there are a number of pieces of self reflection that I will be doing on my hike, and I think you will also get real value from. So, if you are up for some self reflection, my challenge to you is this:

1. Reflect on 2022

  • what are your biggest learnings
  • what has challenged you most
  • what are your biggest wins
  • how have you increased your own IP

2. Reflect on 2023

  • Every year for at least the last 5 years I have selected one word that I use to inspire my direction and focus and energy for the year. The word I choose sets my intention for the whole year and whenever I find myself getting off track or losing focus or feeling flat, I remind myself of that word as it helps me cut through the noise.
  • I want you to choose your word for 2023

3. Choose one big goal to chase after in 2023

  • this can be a work goal or a non-work goal: I want you to go REALLY big with this goal
  • make sure that this goal aligns to what you most value
  • write the goal up and make sure: 1. it is written in the present tense (as if it is happening right now), 2. it has a number of concrete measures/ steps in it so that you can see where you will generate momentum
  • set a deadline for when you will have completed the goal

Message me with your self reflections and I promise I’ll share mine after the hike.

Because life is too short, and later might be too late.

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