The Life List Masterclass:
16 August 2023
at 1.30pm

How to Change Your Life in 90 Seconds – it’s your turn

By Attending This 60-Min Masterclass You Will …

Learn the 5 steps to change your life in 90 seconds

Hear from Kate about why she wrote The Life List

Learn why life is too short and that we can’t afford to put off living until later

Understand the differences between a Life List and a Bucket List

Understand the power of ‘moments’

Learn exactly how to master every moment to live an audacious life

Have the opportunity to ask Kate about your own Life List

Leave with the momentum, motivation and all the tools you need to design your own Life List

And a whole lot more!

Meet Kate Christie
Author of ‘The Life List’

Hi! I’m Kate Christie – I’m a time management and goal setting coach, best selling author of 5 books, and global speaker. Many of the executives and business owners I work with think working exceptionally hard and saving for retirement is what planning for life is all about. They don’t realise they can plan for, design and live their perfect life right now.

In 2023 I published my 5th book: “The Life List: Master Every Moment and Live an Audacious Life’. The Life List is about realising we must take control and design our perfect lives today, because later might be too late. It’s a call to action for women who want more. My Life List is not a bucket list of what I want to do before I die. It’s a life list of what I want to do while I am still young enough to enjoy it. Because after decades nurturing my career and family and everyone else, it’s my turn.

And I think that it’s your turn too!’

Plus, Act Now & You’ll Also Receive
7 Value-Packed Bonus Gifts

To ensure that attending this Masterclass becomes the greatest, life changing decision you have ever made, I would love to give you these value-packed gifts. These bonuses will help you receive maximum value and the tools you need to implement everything you learn.

Free Gift #1

The Life List Planner – the exact template I use when I plan my own Life List.

Free Gift #2

The Imposter Syndrome Template – you want the facts and not the feelings when it comes to deciding that it is, in fact, your turn to design and live your perfect life.

Free Gift #3

The 7 Life List Chapters Checklist – your Life List needs to be made up of the many fundamentals of your life that are most important to you. This checklist will make sure your Life List includes the habits you want to form, the behaviours you are no longer prepared to tolerate, and the experiences you want to enjoy.

Free Gift #4

The 3 Goals Template – understand the 3 types of goals your Life List must include.

Free Gift #5

Your Life List Rules Template – to ensure that your Life List contains the full kaleidoscope of the goals you want to achieve, it’s important to set your own rules as to what makes the cut in your Life List.

Free Gift #6

The Life List Framework – the 3 steps you need to take to design your own magnificent Life List.

Free Gift #7

The Master Every Moment Framework – the 5 x 3 steps you need to take to implement each and every audacious goal on your Life List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Masterclass will run live on 16 August 2023 at 1.40pm (AEST).

The Life List Masterclass is only $49.

Yes it will be recorded and as a ticket holder you will have access to the recording.

The Masterclass will be filled with lots of strategies so make sure you are ready to take notes. Print out and bring your bonus templates and checklists too.