Individual Coaching


Work 1:1 with Kate Christie and discover how to master the time you have for the life you want.


Learn exactly how to start living your best life today—a life by design.

I am an executive coach and small business coach specialising in time management, productivity, goal setting and life by design. I have a range of coaching options to suit your needs, style and budget. I am an extremely passionate, focused coach and will give you 100% of my time and expertise so you achieve your goals and objectives, and understand the strategies you need to implement. For more information about my products email me at [email protected]. We’ll arrange a call to make sure we have the right chemistry to ensure you achieve spectacular results.

Individual Coaching
Thank you for lifting me out of whatever it was I was lolling around in, and helping me to look up and in the right direction. The breadth of your executive coaching and your ability to help me look at issues and opportunities through a completely different lens has helped me create my own exceptional success this year. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so confident or purposeful and I can’t wait to see what you can coax out of me next!!
Bronwyn Clarke
Non-Executive Director and Senior Executive

Individual Coaching Programs

It’s your turn. You are ready to invest in yourself to find the time you need to design and live your best life. Your time starts now.


Power Up Your Productivity Executive/Business Coaching

If it’s time to reshape your career or grow your business, shift direction, maximise your productivity, lift your game or ensure you always have the time and freedom you want to spend with your family and friends, there’s one thing you need to do first: ensure you have maximum control of your time. When you have control of your time, you have control of the agenda.

In this premium coaching package I work with you 1:1 over nine sessions to step you through my proven 5 SMART Step Framework to ensure you have all the strategies you need to put yourself back in the driver’s seat in your life.


Life List Coaching

My superpower is knowing what I want in life, then making it happen. I also know that a Life List is pointless unless you action it.

In this powerful 1:1 coaching program I work with you over 6 months to acknowledge your THEN, review your NOW, design your NEXT and implement your Life List for massive personal growth and impact. I work with motivated individuals and teach you exactly how to identify your goals then implement an effective plan to smash them. You can’t leave living until later—because later might be too late. Life is too short. It’s your turn.


Momentum Coaching

Once you complete the Power Up Your Productivity Executive/Business Coaching or Life List Coaching, you have the option to continue to work with me 1:1. There are three options to choose from:

#Momentum 1: 3 x 60 minute coaching
#Momentum 2: 6 x 60 minute coaching
#Momentum 3: 12 x 60 minute coaching

Coaching sessions are conducted via ZOOM and can be used at a time that suits us both within a 12-month period.

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