If you work best in a group environment and love the energy, synergy and friendships that group coaching generates for you, then let’s dive in.


Learn exactly how to start living your best life today—a life by design.

I am an executive coach and small business coach specialising in time management, productivity, goal setting and life by design. I have a range of coaching options to suit your needs, style and budget. I am an extremely passionate, focused coach and will give you 100% of my time and expertise so you achieve your goals and objectives, and understand the strategies you need to implement. For more information about my products email me at [email protected]. We’ll arrange a call to make sure we have the right chemistry to ensure you achieve spectacular results.

Individual Coaching
Kate has provided us with the permission and tools to focus on ourselves, identify the core values and goals that frame who we are and to be more effective in our current and future roles. Kate has provided clarity of thought and given us so much confidence, that we have grown immensely individually and as a group. She has empowered a cohort of women to be confident and add value through our unique strengths to a traditionally male dominated industry. Tori Lane
Tori Lane
The Life List Planner

Group Coaching Programs

It’s your turn. You are ready to invest in yourself to find the time you need to design and live your best life. And you want to do this as part of a dynamic, engaged and highly motivated group of like minded women. Your time starts now.


The Life List Group Program

Every woman I know is selfless, regardless of whether she is a mum or a carer, without children, in a relationship, single, or any possible combination of partnered or not, with kids or not.

Every woman I know is a giver.

Well – guess what? It’s Our Turn.

My superpower is knowing what I want in life, then making it happen. I also know that a Life List is pointless unless you take action.

In this powerful group program I work with you over 12 months to acknowledge your THEN, review your NOW, design your NEXT and implement your Life List for massive personal growth and impact.

As a group of incredible, unstoppable women determined to live our best lives, I will teach you exactly how to identify your goals then implement an effective plan to smash them. You can’t leave living until later—because later might be too late. Life is too short.

It’s our turn.


Me First Work/Lifestyle Program

You are a clever, savvy, successful woman. You appear to have it all. Really? Ummm, no. Scratch the surface and you are crazy busy, time poor, stressed and guilt ridden. You might be juggling kids or other carer responsibilities. You might be working every hour of the day and wondering how on earth you are supposed to maintain the pace. Was it really meant to be this hard?


It’s time to take control of your time. It’s time to stop being busy and start being productive. It’s time to learn how to INVEST your time to create your own success.

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“The program was carefully curated by the very talented Kate Christie to challenge our mindsets, apply practical strategies and set goals so that we can take control of our lives and our pathways to our defined success. Kate’s style was inclusive, thought-provoking and practical and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her and the women who participated in the course alongside me.”
Georgie Hill
Director Advocacy, Partnerships and Community Engagement